Silver Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Silver

Silver is one of the best investment options. After gold the second choice is silver but we don’t take it properly. This is an option for a person who is not interested in mutual funds and stock market. The silver is called as poor’s gold. Silver investments are activated when the price of silver crosses 23000 RS. During 2005 onwards the price of the sliver hiked regularly so that it is also an interested investment field. Another thing is that the supply of sliver is low and the demand of the silver high and it is the basic law of demand supply system.

The demand of silver is also same as gold but only different is the sliver’s case is it is needed in industrial region also. This is one of the situations that results the hike in demand of the silver. The silver is used in the creation medical equipments and the electrical equipments. The semi conductors companies also use silver.

The investment can be only direct because there is no provision of online trading in the case of silver. So silver has to be purchased from retailers in normal. The purity of the silver is important. If it is sterilized one, the purity of the silver is 92.5% and gets the same price at which we brought.

The investment in silver can’t be glamorous as gold investment, but for an investor who can invest 20% of their cash reserve to silver at the present condition can surely benefit. The price of the silver is related with gold. The Silver price will increase as the Gold price goes up. Another favorable factor of Silver is that it won’t cost much as Gold for an initial investment.  This makes silver favorable to all kind of investors.

The key note of purchasing the silver is to buy it when the price reduced. The price is varies at day to a day. Last year the price of silver is 23451 Rs and last week price is 30760 Rs; this itself states the importance of silver. The hike of sliver at one year is almost Rs 10000. The price of silver may cross at 45000 Rs when the next year crosses this time.

The silver can be brought as bars, coins and medals. But coins are the popular investment option why because the price of the silver coin is less than other metals coins. The silver is available in almost all ornament shop and also all the Major banks too. Another option is to invest in silver bars and the price of the bar is less than that of the coin. Make sure to take the guarantee paper of the silver bars. The silver is also available is medals also it ranges from0.5gm to100 gm. If buy medals sure to buy at purity of 99.9%.

For the above all reasons the silver is good option for investment. The main attraction is its low risk factor.

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