Different Investment Opportunities in Recession Time

Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are a good option for common people. Public provident fund, National saving certificate, Bank fixed deposits and Post office monthly income schemes are included in this section.


Public Provident Fund

It can be considered as the safest investment. These kinds of investments are subject to concession in income tax.


National Savings Certificate

There will be attractive interest rates for the investment in the National savings certificate. Investment can be started from Rs 100.  Investment in national saving certificate is subject to concession in income tax.


Post Office Monthly Investment Schemes

There will be 8% interest for the Post office monthly income schemes with   the term of six years. Rs 1000 are the minimum and Rs 450000 is the maximum amount for the MIS.


Bank Fixed Deposits

This is the easiest way of investment option for the common people. Comparatively higher interest returns are offered to the Bank fixed deposits.


Company Fixed Deposits

Even if it is not a safe investment  like bank fixed deposits, one can invest by relying the fundamentals of good companies.


Income Funds

If there is decreasing interest rates, one can approach income funds which can give fair returns. The decreasing interest rates attract income funds. The reason is that the value of bonds is related to interest rates.



Gold will be safe investment option whenever there is financial crisis. The financial conditions in west Asia tempt investors to go to gold. The decreasing interest rates are a positive factor to gold. The traditional style of investing in gold is by ornaments and gold bars. It has become easy to invest in gold by the introduction ETFs, that gives the opportunity for invest in gold by units listed in the stock exchanges. The price gold ETF will be varied according to the variation of gold price. There are many ETFs like Gold Bench Mark ETF and Kotak Gold ETF. But it is not good to invest in gold in high prices.  But it can be seriously considered as a safe investment on recession.


House and Plot

Real estate is a very good investment option in the recession time. It is sure that the price of land will be increased after recession.


Shares of companies

Shares are the most rewarding investment opportunity. If you believe the business of a particular company, you can stay invested there.

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