Ind Eco ventures IPO Review

It is a renewable energy company in India. They are planning for an IPO. They have filed a draft red hearing prospectus with the market regulator SEBI. They are thinking to collect Rs 105 Cr by the issue. Company is going to set up 5 MW Solar Project in the Patan district, Gujarat. The project may cost Rs 90 Cr. Company need a working capital of Rs 5 Cr. Company reported total income of Rs 8.87 Cr and a profit of Rs 92.28 Lakhs in the FY 2011.

According to the International Energy Authority, 327 GW electricity generation capacity is needed in India by 2020. For that purpose, it is necessary to add 16 GW per year.  India is one of the growing economies in the world. Undisrupted Power is an essential one for the sustainable development of the country. The Indian Electricity demand is rapidly increased from 1980.  According to the Centre for Wind Energy Technology, Indian wind energy potential is 48.5 GW. Wind energy is now become the most promising renewable energy technology. India had an installed wind energy capacity of 13,184 MW till January 2011. India is the fifth largest wind power producer in the world. USA, Germany, China, and Spain are in the first four positions. 16 companies are now manufacturing wind turbines in India. Indian wind energy potential is four times of the current installed wind energy capacity. Tamil Nadu is the largest wind producing state in India. Company is also concentrated in the solar energy sector. There will be a bright future for Indian solar energy business.

Company started commercial wind energy generation in 2007. Company’s installed wind energy capacity on 31March 2011 is 11.4 MW. They are operating wind farms in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Company is also engaged in the solar energy business. Company is planning 25 MW solar energy power projects in Gujarat. The project has to be proposed in two phases.

The next decade will be very good one for Renewable Energy Companies. Environment pollutions will result so many diseases. According to latest researches, air pollution makes severe impacts to the society. This will increase the risk of Asthma, Allergy and even Cancer. So the companies they are engaged in the renewable energy sector will have a big role in the world. The issue price of the company should be studied by each investor. This will help the investors to decide whether it should be subscribed or not?

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  1. rangareddy says:

    i need project report for 5mw of solar power plant

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