Kotak Wealth Insurance

Kotak mahindra wealth insurance

Kotak Wealth Insurance

Entry age : Up to 65 years

Maturity age : Minimum 18 years, Maximum 75 years

Policy term : 10/15/20/25/30 Years

Sum assured

If the age is less than 45 years, Higher of (10 X annual premium) or (0.5 X Policy Term X annual premium) & Max – 25 x Annual Premium

If the age is above 45 years, Higher of (7 X Annual Premium) or (0.25 X Policy Term X Annual Premium) & Maximum – 25 x Annual Premium


Premium payment term

Regular – equal to policy term

Limited – 5 years with 10 Years policy term


Premium payment mode




Minimum: Rs 20000(annual premium)

Maximum: no limit


Investment options

Classic Opportunities Fund, Frontline Equity Fund, Balanced Fund, dynamic floor fund, bond fund, floating rate fund, gilt Fund, Money market Fund


Maturity benefit

Policy fund value


Top up facility

Available, minimum Rs 10000



Premium allocation charge will be the percentage of the premium


Premium Allocation Charge

Policy year Charges in percentage
1 9
2 7.75
3-5 6
6 onwards 3


Policy Administration Charge

This charge will be recovered from 6th year. there will not be any charges up to 5 year.


Policy Administration Charges

Premium bands Charge from 6th year(percentage)
Up to Rs 199999 0.2 p.m.
Rs 200000 to Rs 399999 0.1 p.m.
Rs 400000 and above Nil


Fund Management Charge

Classic Opportunities Fund: 1.35%

Frontline Equity Fund: 1.35%

Dynamic Floor Fund II: 1.35%

Balanced Fund: 1.35%

Bond Fund: 1.35%

Floating Rate Fund: 1.35%

Gilt Fund: 1.35%

Money Market Fund: 1.35%


Discontinuous Charge

Year in which the policy is discontinued 1 2 3 4 From 5th Year

below and equal

to Rs.25,000

Lowest of:

20% of fund value, 20% of annual premium or       Rs 3000/

Lowest of:

15% of fund value, 15% of annual premium, or        Rs 2000/

Lowest of:

10% of fund value, 10% of annual premium,


Rs 1500/

Lowest of:

5% of fund value, 5% of annual premium,


Rs 1000/

Premium above


Lowest of:

6% of fund value, 6% of annual premium


Rs 6000/

Lowest of:

4% of fund value, 4% of annual premium


Rs 5000/

Lowest of:

3% of fund value, 3% of annual premium


Rs 4000/

Lowest of:

2% of fund value, 2% of annual premium


Rs 2000/



Mortality charges

Indicative Mortality Charge per thousand sums at risk for a healthy individual: (Sum at risk means Basic Sum Assured + Lump Sum Benefit (if Life Insured and Policyholder are the same) else Basic sum assured only)

Age (in years) 20 30 40 50
charge 0.899 1.301 2.095 4.720


Mortality charge will be deducted by the cancellation of units on a monthly basis.

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