LIC Jeevan Arogya Review

When we are thinking about insurance, Life Insurance Corporation is the first name comes to our mind.  It is because of the power of the brand. Health insurance policies are the necessities in a growing world. Health is known as the biggest wealth in the world. LIC Jeevan Arogya is a very good health insurance plan by LIC.

Diseases are increasing in each day. The increasing health expenses are adding more pain. Health insurance is the right remedy to tackle healthcare expenses. A number of insurance players are working in the country.  It is a very difficult process to find the right insurance company and plan.

The plan gives the claim amount irrespective of the hospital bills. The plan covers 100 different surgeries. If you are operated for any surgery defined under this policy will be paid a lump sum amount of hundred times of Daily Cash Benefit. You have chosen a plan which has a HCB of Rs 200. 100 times of the HCB will be Rs 200000/. That amount will be paid irrespective of the actual cost of treatment. The plan gives you the Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB) which can be chosen from Rs 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000. Your premium, sum assured will be decided according to the HCB chosen by you.

140 day care procedures are included in the plan. 100 times of HCB will be paid in such special occasions. If a surgery is not listed in the plan, and he undergoes in it exceeding a continues period of 24 hours will be paid an amount of two times of HCB.  If the patient is admitted in ICU will be paid amount of double of HCB. You can cover your parents and parents in law in this plan. There are two riders available in this plan. Minimum and maximum entry age for self/spouse is 18 and 65 years respectively. Minimum and maximum entry age for parents/ Parents in law is 18 and 75 years respectively. 91 days is the minimum entry age for children and 18 years is the maximum entry age for children. There are some limitations in this plan. Policyholders cannot claim more than 30 days in the Non ICU stay and more than 15 days in the ICU Stay. Major surgical benefit cannot be claimed more than once in a policy year and maximum eight times in a policy term.

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