Reliance life care for you plan

reliance life insurance

It is traditional health insurance plan by Reliance Life Insurance Company. It is a regular premium plan. It has no bonus facility. There will not have death benefit, maturity benefit and surrender benefit in this plan. Plan covers hospitalization expenses. No Claim Bonus is available in this plan. Maternity coverage and coverage for pre existing diseases are the additional benefits of this plan. 5% of the sum assured will be increased in each year as No Claim Bonus. Family members will have a guaranteed cover of 75 years. The basic sum assured can be increased after the term of each three years. Key benefits under this plan

Nursing and room charges,

Fee of Surgeon, Specialists Medical Practitioner, Anesthetists and Consultant

Operation theater charges

Charges for Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, medicines, drugs etc.

Charges for Diagnostics and laboratory tests.

Cashless facilty is available more than 400 hospitals in the country.

Family floater option is available.

Pre post hospital expenses are covered in this plan. Ambulance charges will be also covered in this plan.

Additional benefits

Pre existing illness after four continuous year renewal will be covered in this plan. This is an advantage of this plan. There will be an option for renewal discount of 15% of the premium. Maternity benefit is available after the renewal of three continuous years.

Sum assured conditions

Minimum sum assured is Rs 200000. Maximum sum assured is Rs 1000000/. Policy term is three years. Policy payment term is 3 years.

Age conditions

Minimum age at entry for primary insured and spouse is 18 years. Maximum age at entry age for primary insured and spouse is 60 years for new policy and 72 years for renewed policy. Minimum entry age for dependent/parents and parents in law is 40 years. Maximum entry age for dependent parents and parents in law is 66 years for new policy and 72 years for renewed policy. Minimum entry age for children is 3 months and maximum entry age for children is 18 years. Maturity age for adults is 75 years and children are 21 years. No additional riders are available in this policy. It is a disadvantage of this plan. If you do not renew the policy, it may be lapsed. There is no loan facility available in this plan.

Tax benefits

According to section 80 (D), insurance premium up to Rs 15000 for normal residents and up to Rs 20000 for senior citizens can be deducted from total taxable income.

Alternative health insurance plan from different companies.

LIC Jeevan Arogya, SBI Life Hospital Cash Plan, ICICI Prudential Health Saver.

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